Preliminary Organisation

If you are interested in organising your country's preliminary - especially if it is your country's first PLANCKS preliminary - next year, you can get some useful information here.

How can we organise a preliminary?

So you’ve decided to organise a preliminary but how should the schedule really look like?
You are free to design a preliminary competition however you like. Nevertheless, we want to encourage you to organise fun activities outside of the preliminary competition like networking events or lectures. Preliminaries should not just be about the competition. It is also a place where enthusiastic physics students can come together.

For orientation, you can find two examples for a preliminary schedule from 2020 below. One example depicts a rather complicated and packed in-person preliminary and the other depicts a more simplistic schedule for an online preliminary.

When you have any troubles when organising or have any questions, never hesitate to contact us. We are always eager to help as well as we can.

Example 1: Variety rich in-person German preliminary (2020 plan)

  • Programme closely related to PLANCKS schedule
  • Filled with fun activities like poster sessions, evening programmes and interesting lectures
  • Vacation that covers the weekend


Example 2: Simplistic online German preliminary (actual schedule of 2020)

  • More "minimalistic" programme design
  • Easier to organise
  • Also includes fun online activies like games and lectures