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Einstein Slam

At the Einstein Slam, DPG's Science Slam, physics comes to stage: scientists present their findings in an understandable and at the same time entertaining way within 10 minutes. The next Einstein Slam will be at the Conensed Matter Spring Meeting 2024 in Berlin.

At the Einstein Slam, science gets ready for stage. Scientists prove, that they do not only know complicated experiments or abstract theories from inside out but can also present their research in an understandable and entertaining way with wit, charm and great creativity.

At the end, the applause of the audience decides which presentation was best. The winner takes the Golden Albert home.

The next Einstein Slam takes place at the DPG Spring Meeting of the Condensed Matter Section in Berlin, at Monday, March 18th 2024 at 20 h in the Audimax TU Berlin.

The slam will be in English.

If your research is ready for stage and if you'd like to participate at the next Einstein Slam at the DPG Spring Meeting in Berlin, than apply till January 15th 2024 at Dr. Matthias Mader ().

We support the selected slammers with preparing their contribution. Further more, DPG covers your journey (within Germany) to Berlin including a one night at a hotel and your conference fee.