Welcome to the Chemical and Polymer Physics Division (CPP)

The Chemical Physics and Polymer Physics Division (CPP) of the German Physical Society was founded in 2000 as a union of the Chemical Physics Division (founded in 1992) and the Polymer Physics Division (founded in 1951). Chemical Physics and Polymer Physics work interdisciplinary at the interface between physics, chemistry and biology.

At present, the subject matter is subdivided into the following topics:

  • polymer physics
  • micro- and nanofluidics
  • rheology, structure and dynamics of complex fluids
  • colloid and nanoparticles
  • supramolecular aggregates and self-organizing systems
  • biopolymers and biological systems
  • organic conductors, semi-conductors and superconductors
  • spectroscopy

The Chemical and Polymer Physics Division acts on behalf of 1.713 members (as of 11/06/2021). All members of the German Physical Society are invited to join this division, to submit contributions to its conferences and to make suggestions for the improvement of the division's work.

SKM-Meeting Regensburg, 04.09. - 09.09.2022

At the end of this conference we thank all invited speakers, session-chairs, lecturers and poster-authors for their contribution to a successful SKM meeting in Regensburg. Special thanks go to the local organizers, the colleagues of the DPG head office, the organizers of the focus sessions and the organizers of the interdisciplinary symposium.

Once again this year, the Park Systems Outstanding Poster Awards, supported by the company "Park Systems Europe", were presented. We sincerely thank the members of the poster committee for their excellent job and we congratulate the winners!


The Chemical and Polymer Physics Division as part of the condensed matter section is represented at the forthcoming

DPG Spring Meeting 2023 in Dresden