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The organization comitee has collected a bundle of useful information for you to ensure that you are well prepared for your stay in Munich. You can find it below.

PLANCKS 2022 will be held in Munich or “München” in German. Munich is located in the centre of Europe and in the South of Germany. It is the capital of Bavaria and with about 1.5 million inhabitants the third-largest city in Germany. Even though Munich has quite a large population, you will almost see no skyscrapers in the city. This is due to a former referendum from 2004, that no new building is allowed which is higher than the medieval Munich Cathedral. As a result, we recommend going to an elevated place like a tower of one of the many churches. There you will not only have a beautiful view over the complete city and the river Isar, but if the weather is not too bad, you can directly see the Alps, which start only about 50 km south of Munich.

Of course, Munich has many things to offer. Below, we try to summarize the most important things for your stay in the city during PLANCKS 2022. For more information, see e.g. the Website of the City.

Weather in Munich

Munich has a continental climate. This means usually the summers are warm, but not too hot and the winters are chilly, but not too cold. If you want to know, what clothes to bring for PLANCKS 2022 in May, it is almost impossible to predict. You will almost surely not encounter snow, but be prepared that especially the nights can still be quite cold. During the day average temperatures range between 9°C and 19°C. Nevertheless, due to the proximity to the Alps there can be a dry and warm wind (called “Föhn”) coming from the mountains, leading to temperatures up to 30°C. Additionally to this insecure prediction in temperature, also be warned that it might rain (or not). Statistically, May is with 101mm rain split on 11-14 days more rainy than other months. The rain can drizzle persistently over several days or come down in heavy thunderstorm that only last for a few hours.

We hope that the Munich weather will show its best side, but you should probably check the weather forecast a few days before.

Public Transportation in Munich

Munich has a quite complex public transportation system. There are buses, undergrounds, trams and trains available to bring you even to the most remote parts of the city. For travelling to the city centre it is best to stick to the undergrounds, which usually go every five minutes during the day. However, at night you have to wait longer and after 1am only buses and a few trams are operating.

The ticket system is also a little bit complicated. Single trips start from 3.50€, but depend on from where to where you want to travel. It is very often worth it to consider a daily ticket or a group ticket. During PLANCKS 2022, you do not have to worry about any of this. We will make sure that you have the correct ticket and that you will be sitting in the right underground in the proper direction. If you stay a few days before or after the competition, the best way to get around is by checking the official website for public transportation in Munich: . There you can directly enter the addresses where you want to go and they not only tell you which underground or bus you have to take, but also what is the right ticket. Alternatively you can also download their app, where you can directly buy tickets online.

Attention: Every ticket must be validated! Make sure to get the stamp from the machines before entering the train platform!



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