Gentner-Kastler-Preis und -Medaille

Der Gentner-Kastler-Preis wird gemeinsam von der DPG und der Société Française de Physique verliehen. Er wird für besonders wertvolle wissenschaftliche Beiträge zur Physik jährlich abwechselnd einem Physiker / einer Physikerin mit Lebens- und Tätigkeitsmittelpunkt in Deutschland bzw. Frankreich zuerkannt. Die Auszeichnung besteht aus einem Preisgeld von 3.000 Euro, einer silbernen Medaille mit den Porträts Wolfgang Gentners und Alfred Kastlers und einer Urkunde.

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Statute of the Gentner-Kastler-Prize


Société Francaise de Physique (SFP) and Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG)

Accepted by Société Francaise de Physique (SFP) Council on November 7, 2008 by Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG) Council on November 10, 2007

1. The terms of the award should be "to be presented for outstanding contributions to physics". The award is to be made to physicists in alternate years whose centre of living and work is in France or Germany.

2. The procedure of choice of prize-winner is that not later than six months before the date of presentation the Council of the nominating Society submits two or three (but not more) names, plus citations, to the Council of the other, selecting and hosting Society, which makes the final choice. The nominations are not to be restricted to members of either Society although candidates must be persons living and working in the country of the nominating Society.

3. The presentation of the award will normally take place alternately (a) at the annual spring meeting of the DPG to the prize-winner from France and (b) at the general meeting of the SFP to the prize-winner from Germany.

4. The medal is of silver and about 6 cm in diameter and 0,5 cm thick. It carries profiles, names and dates of Wolfgang Gentner and Alfred Kastler and the full names of the SFP and DPG. The recipient's full name and the year of the award are engraved around the rim. The medal is to the responsibility of SFP. The cost of design and manufacture of the die of the medal is to be shared.

5. The certificate is about 30 x 25 cm2 in size. The wording is to be agreed by both societies. It has to be written in the language of the nominating Society (French or German) and is the responsibility of the DPG.

6. The prize money, which is 3.000 EURO, is to be given by the host Society.

7. The nominating society is responsible for travel and lodging of its prize-winner and spouse plus its representative(s) who participate in the ceremony of the host society.

8. Each Society has the right to terminate the common prize by the end of the year following its announcement.



Vorsitzende/r des Preiskomitees

(gemeinsames Preiskomitee mit Max-Born-Preis und -Medaille und Marian Smoluchowski - Emil Warburg Physik Preis)

Mitglieder des Preiskomitees

(gemeinsames Preiskomitee mit Max-Born-Preis und -Medaille und Marian Smoluchowski - Emil Warburg Physik Preis)