Welcome to the Division of Magnetism (MA)

The Division of Magnetism, founded in 1956, combines research, development, application, education and training in the field of magnetic phenomena for its members within the German Physical Society (DPG). It coordinates cooperation within DPG and its committees, organises symposia and meetings at the annual DPG Spring Meeting and awards its own prizes (Innomag Master's and Diploma Prize, Innomag Dissertation Prize). The Division of Magnetism is incorporated into the Condensed Matter Section of the DPG. It is advised by the Working Group of Magnetism and maintains a network to users in industry. The Division of Magnetism is the largest association of researchers on magnetism worldwide with more than 1500 members.


1567   (as of 4 April 2019)


Prof. Dr. Manfred Fiebig
ETH Zurich
Department of Materials
Vladimir-Prelog-Weg 4
8093 Zürich

Deputy Leader

Prof. Dr. Heiko Wende
Prof. Heiko Wende
Universität Duisburg-Essen
Fakultät für Physik
Lotharstraße 1
47057 Duisburg


Nicolas Dobler

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