Scientific Director / Board of Trustees

The honorary Scientific Director is responsible for the DPG's extensive programme of events at the Magnus-Haus in Berlin. It is supported by a board of trustees, which includes up to 18 honorary members, and advises it in particular on the strategic direction of the programme.

The Board of Trustees sets programmatic priorities, initiates new series of events, programmes or projects if necessary, and strives to achieve a balanced mix of scientific, scientific-political, economic and general cultural and social content and formats.

Wissenschaftliche/r Leiter/in des Magnus-Haus Berlin

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Eberhardt

Kuratorium des Magnus-Haus Berlin

Vorsitzende/r des Kuratorium des Magnus-Haus Berlin

Prof. Dr. Alexander Bradshaw

Mitglied des Kuratorium des Magnus-Haus Berlin

Prof. Dr. Oliver Benson

Prof. Dr. Alexander Bradshaw

Prof. Dr. Doris Breuer

Thomas de Padova

Prof. Dr. Claudia Draxl

Prof. Dr. Eberhard Jaeschke

Dr. Tobias Kampfrath

Prof. Dr. Janina Kneipp

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Panne

Thomas Prinzler

Prof. Dr. Dieter Röß

Prof. Dr. Tobias Schäffter

Prof. Dr. Martin Schell

Prof. Dr. Matthias Steinmetz

Prof. Dr. Claudia Stolle

B.Sc. Hannes Vogel

Prof. Dr. Markus Wagner

Prof. Dr. Martin Wilkens

Ständige Gäste im Kuratorium des Magnus-Haus Berlin

Prof. Dr. Oliver Benson

Prof. Dr. Klaus Desch

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Eberhardt

Prof. Dr. Holger T. Grahn

Prof. Dr. Günter Kaindl

Dr. Hartmut Kaletta

Prof. Dr. Dieter Meschede

Dr. Bernhard Nunner