PhD Focus Session (Symposium)

PhD students can organize their own scientific session at the DPG meeting!

Every time you attended a conference, you were looking for an introduction to a certain topic but never found it? You always wanted to organize your own session on a topic intriguing you for a long time? You wanted to share your insights in this topic with your colleagues? If so, then please read on because we may have just the answer for you!

Since 2012, PhD students have been organizing their own Focus Session as symposium within the Division of Magnetism with great success. The mixture of invited talks by both world-renown scientists and young researchers was particularly well appreciated. In particular, tutorial talks introducing people without pre-experience into “hot” research fields were enthusiastically received by the audience. And along the way, you will become familiar with the organizational issues of a scientific meeting with thousands of participants.


Then you may now wonder how to get started and organize such an event yourself. Not a problem --- ample support in this matter is provided by the “Young DPG” (jDPG) who are organizing the PhD Focus Session and symposium jointly with the Division of Magnetism. In fact, the idea of a PhD-student-organized scientific session was so successful that it spread into other divisions and sections of DPG, and now the jDPG is coordinating all of these. So for further information, an archive reaching back to the first event in 2012 and submission of your own proposal, please continue here.