The Young German Physical Society has a lot of international partners and projects. Connecting jDPG members around the world or organising exchanges, Physics is a global fascination.

Board member

Vorstandsmitglied für Internationale Angelegenheiten - junge DPG

Rebecca Hoffmann

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Projects and work

  • Exchange with Mafihe (Hungarian physics society), will be Karlsruhe this year
  • Exchange with AISF (Italian Physics Society) known as GIPE, 7.-10.11.19 in Dresden
  • Connecting jDPG member around the world 
  • InfoChats about 'studying abroad' 

If you want to know more or help out, just write a mail to !

IAPS Infos

The DPG is a member of the International Association of Physic Students (IAPS). Thus, all our members can participate in IAPS events. You can find more information on the IAPS website and Facebook page.