Here, you can inform yourself about the accomodation in Munich where you will be housed as participant during PLANCKS 2022.

During PLANCKS 2022 you will stay at the Wombat’s City Hostel Munich Werksviertel. The hostel is placed in a former potato silo in a part of the city that is now called the “Future Quarter for Munich”. The Wombat’s was only very recently renovated into a very modern building. There you will stay in 4- and 6-bed rooms and can eat breakfast in the morning. Moreover, it is located very close to the Munich East railway station (“Ostbahnhof” in German). So the city centre (10 min by underground) is quick to reach as well as the university (15 min), where the competition and most of the programme of PLANCKS will take place.

If you want to look it up, don’t confuse it with the other Wombat’s City Hostel, which is next to Munich central station. The correct address is Atelierstraße 20, 81671 Munich. Of course, we will provide you with more details few weeks before your arrival. Additional information can be found here: .


How to get to the hostel

The hostel is located at the railway station “Ostbahnhof”. From there

Generated with OpenStreetMap; Licence: Open Database Licence
Generated with OpenStreetMap; Licence: Open Database Licence

it is just a 3 min walk, just approach the Ferris wheel and you will find our accommodation nearby. Here we list how you get to the correct railway station, if you arrive in Munich ...


... by train.

If you arrive at the Central Station (“Hauptbahnhof” in German), the best way to continue your travels is by using the suburban trains called “S-Bahn”. At the central station you should see green signs with a white “S”. Follow these ones to get to the correct platform. At some point you have to be extra careful, that you go into the right direction. There it already says “Ostbahnhof” on the sign. The good news is, if you got to the platform, you don’t need to pay attention which “S-Bahn” number you take, every train (S1-S8) will stop at the right station. Leave the train after about 10 min at the station “Ostbahnhof”.

Also check if your train ticket already includes a city ticket, that you can use for the public transportation in Munich. Otherwise, you need a Single Ticket M  for 3.50€.


... by bus.

If you come to Munich by bus, you will most likely arrive at the Central Bus Station, the corresponding station of the public transport is called “Hackerbrücke”. The best way to get to the hostel is on one of the suburban trains called “S-Bahn”. Just follow the green signs with a white “S”. When arriving at the platform, there will be two possible directions. Choose the correct one that leads to the city centre. The direction will be labelled with “Hauptbahnhof” (Central railway station) or already with “Ostbahnhof”. There are 8 different “S-Bahn” lines (S1-S8), but you can take every one of them and will arrive at the station “Ostbahnhof” after about 10 min.

Don’t forget to buy a ticket, if public transportation is not included in your bus ticket. You need a Single Ticket M for 3.50€.

Attention: Every ticket must be validated! Make sure to get the stamp from the machines before entering the train platform!

... by plane.

If you arrive at Munich airport, you should probably make sure to get back your luggage first. Then keep looking for the suburban trains called “S-Bahn”. The right path is indicated by green signs with a white “S”. From the airport there are two “S-Bahn” lines that go to the city centre. In principle, either one of them will take you to the station “Ostbahnhof” eventually. However, if you choose to travel with the “S8”, it will be much faster and only take you about 30 min to reach “Ostbahnhof”.

The train tickets from the airport are quite expensive, since you need passage through many of the public transportation zones. When you buy a ticket, you have to choose the zones M-5 and a Single Ticket M-5 currently costs 12,30€. A cheaper option is available, if you travel as a group. Then you can buy a Group Day Ticket, that can be used by up to 5 people for the whole day (but you have to stick together). A Group Day Ticket M-5 costs 25,70€.

Have a nice trip to Munich!



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