What is a preliminary?

The strongest team from every country will compete in PLANCKS. A preliminary competition is the most fun way to find the best team of your country.

A preliminary is a local competition which is similar to PLANCKS. Here, you and your theorist friends can compete against other strong teams of your country for a ticket to PLANCKS in Munich. However, preliminaries are never only there for the fighting spirit: Preliminaries also provide a wonderful and fun way to connect with other physics lovers of your country.

So there is no reason to wait: Find your preliminary in the map above or in the list below, compete and see whether your team gets to represent your country in PLANCKS 2022. We are waiting for you!

How can we organise a preliminary?

So you’ve decided to organise a preliminary but how should the schedule really look like?
You are free to design a preliminary competition however you like. Nevertheless, we want to encourage you to organise fun activities outside of the preliminary competition like networking events or lectures. Preliminaries should not just be about the competition. It is also a place where enthusiastic physics students can come together.

For orientation, you can find two examples for a preliminary schedule from 2020 below. One example depicts a rather complicated and packed in-person preliminary and the other depicts a more simplistic schedule for an online preliminary.

When you have any troubles when organising or have any questions, never hesitate to contact us. We are always eager to help as well as we can.
You can reach us via an E-Mail at:

- or -

Example 1: Variety rich in-person german preliminary (2020 plan)

  • Programme closely related to PLANCKS schedule
  • Filled with fun activities like poster sessions, evening programmes and interesting lectures
  • Vacation that covers the weekend


Example 2: Simplistic online german preliminary (actual schedule of 2020)

  • More "minimalistic" programme design
  • Easier to organise
  • Also includes fun online activies like games and lectures


How do I participate if my country does not have a perliminary?

The three ways to participate in PLANCKS 2022 are:
  • Winning the PRELIMINARY of your country.
  • Register as the only team from a country without a PRELIMINARY.
  • Win the random choice if multiple teams of the same country want to participate without a PRELIMINARY.
If you come from a country that does not organise a preliminary for PLANCKS you have the option to register as an individual team. The registration for individual teams and observers is now open. You can find the registration form on our front page. The first teams to register are more likely to be accepted and following registrations will be put on a waiting list in case spots open up again.

List of registered preliminaries

If this table does not help you figure out how to reach out to the preliminary of your country, you can contact us for more information on that preliminary.


The Preliminary of Algerian students
  • Organisation: Algerian Association of modern physics
  • Date: 2.2.2022


  • Organisation: Basisgruppe NAWI Physik Graz
  • Date: -

Costa Rica

Costa Rican Olympiad for Physics Students (CORIOLIS)
  • Organisation: Physics and Meteorology Students Association
  • Date: March 2022

Czech Republic

PLANCKS - Czech Republic Championship
  • Organisation: NC Czech Republic
  • Date: -


Denish plancks preliminary
  • Organisation: FSID
  • Date: -


Preliminar Curie
  • Organisation: USFQ Optica Student Chapter
  • Date: 18.2.2022


PLANCKS-karsinta (DONE)
  • Organisation: Resonanssi ry
  • Date: 13.11.2021


Plancks 2022-French preliminary


Elefter 2022




The PATh to PLANCKS 2022: Greek Preliminary


Programa GAUSS
  • Organisation: Asociación de Estudiantes Física y Matemática AEFM
  • Date: February 12, 2022


  • Organisation: Physical Society of Hong Kong
  • Date: -


Indian Young Physicist's League
  • Organisation: Association of Indian Physics Students
  • Date: 26-27 March


Iran Preliminary Competition
  • Organisation: LC ISFAHAN - Isfahan University of Technology
  • Date: Febuary 17, 2022


  • Organisation: Associazione Italiana Studenti di Fisica - AISF
  • Date: March 4, 2022


Torneo Mexicano de Física
  • Organisation: Sociedad Científica Juvenil (NC-Mexico)
  • Date: March 5,2022


PrePLANCKS 2022 Morocco
  • Organisation: Moroccan Association of Physics
  • Date: February/March 2022


  • Organisation: Study Association Ångström
  • Date: -


Ogólnopolskie Eliminacje PLANCKS 2022
  • Organisation: Physic Student Society Nabla
  • Date: January 22-23 2022


Portugal PLANCKS Preliminary
  • Organisation: Physis - Portuguese Association of Physics Students / Organizing Committee of the National Meeting of Physics Students (COENEF)
  • Date: February 26, 2022
  • Internet: (external Link)



  • Organisation: Polytechnic Community of Physics Students
  • Date: March 5-6, 2022


  • Organisation: IAPS LC Belgrade
  • Date: -


NTU physics PLANCKS preliminary


Preliminares de PLANCKS 2022
  • Organisation: Grupo de Estudiantes de la Real Sociedad Española de Física
  • Date: March 4, 2022

UK and Ireland

UK and Ireland 2022 PLANCKS Preliminary
  • Organisation: Insitute of Physics - UK and Ireland 2022 PLANCKS Preliminaries Committee
  • Date: February 18-20 2022
  • Internet: (external Link)


National selection PLANCKS UKRAINE 2022 (DONE)
  • Organisation: V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University
  • Date: 15th December, 2021