Membership fee

Membership fees are charged annually. The request for membership fees is sent in January of a year or a few days after joining the DPG. The contribution group can be changed online at any time. Changes made to the contribution group on or after 1 July of each year are valid for the following year. New members pay only half the annual membership fee from 1 July of each year and no annual membership fee for the current year from 1 November.

Full paying members

  • Contribution group A: Members with a gross annual income up to 27.000 € pay 26,50 €/year
  • Contribution group B: Members with a gross annual income of up to 41,000 € pay 68.00 €/year or 51.00 €/year for a double membership.
  • Contribution group C: Members with a gross annual income of more than 41,000 € pay 102.00 €/year or 76.50/year for a double membership

Students, pupils, trainees

  • Contribution group E: Regular students without a Master's or Diploma degree (or comparable degree) as well as pupils and trainees pay 13.00 €/year

    Note: Contribution group E does not apply to doctoral students.

Career starters in the first 3 professional years

  •  Contribution group 3: Members in the first three professional years pay 37.00 €/year.

    Note: Contribution group 3 can only be used for a total of three years.

Membership for Partners

  • Contribution group P: The partner of a DPG member in contribution group B, C or S can choose the reduced membership for partners P (37.00 €/year). The two DPG members then receive a joint copy of the membership journal. The agreement of the partner must be obtained for this.

Supporting members

  • Contribution group S: Supporting members determine their own annual membership fee and pay at least 136.00 €/year.

    Note: Please send the desired membership fee by e-mail to .

Corporate Memberships (Companies/Institutes)

  • Contribution group F: Pay research institutes, institutes, libraries, schools and other public non-profit institutions
    184,00 €/year

    Note: DPG publications can be delivered to more than one address. Each additional delivery address is charged at 55.00 € per year (optional).

  • Contribution group G: Companies and their research laboratories
    with sales under 25 million € pay 329,00 €/year
    with sales over 25 million € pay 827,00 €/year

Airmail dispatch
If you live in a non-European country, the Physics Journal can be sent by airmail. An additional fee of 32.00 €/year will be charged for airmail dispatch. From 1 July of each year, only half of the annual additional fee for the current year will be charged.