Quantum Optics Group

The Quantum Optics and Photonics division is one of the largest DPG divisions and comprises scientists, teachers and industrial physicists who deal with quantum optics and photonics. The Quantum Optics Group and the Photonics Group belong to this division.

As its name already suggests, quantum optics deals with the quantum nature of light, e.g. with photons and their quantum statistics. The area of quantum optics was founded by the development of the laser and the theoretical works of Roy Glauber who received the Nobel Prize in 2005. Since the sixties, quantum optics gains more and more importance in Germany. One of the main reasons for this is the groundbreaking research by W. Paul (Nobel Prize in 1989), H. Walther, H. Welling, J. Mlynek, P. Toschek and T. Haensch (Nobel Prize in 2005).

The main goals of the division are:

  • representation of quantum optics within DPG
  • promotion of knowledge exchange within the area of quantum optics and photonics by organizing the spring meetings of the division
  • interdisciplinary knowledge transfer by organizing of symposia during the spring meetings