Professional association Environmental Physics (UP)

Environmental Physics addresses various research topics within the Earth System Sciences utilizing physical methods, including subsystems such as air, soil, and water.

Environmental Physics as a subdiscipline of physics deals with research questions such as fluxes of energy and matter in the environment, namely within the environmental systems such as water, soil, air, and ecosystems, as well as in between these systems (transfer processes at the boundaries).

The term physics therein points to the special methods used, in principle the point of view under which these problems are treated. One method of Environmental Physics is model building, which considers the system-like nature of the environment. (transl from: Bericht zum Arbeitstreffen "Umweltphysik", April 1997, Heidelberg).


  • Spring meeting 2024: The DPG professional association (PA) Environmental Physics (UP) will participate in the conference taking place in Greifswald, 2024-02-26 - 2024-02-28(!). We are co-organizing one symposium with PAs History of Physics and Physics Education and PA Short Time-scale Physics and Applied Laser Physics. Abstracts can be submitted until 2023-12-15 and early-bird registration is possible until 2024-01-24.
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