German Physicists' Tournament

The "German Physicists' Tournament" (GPT) is based on the "International Physicists' Tournament" {IPT) which takes place annually since 2009. lt aims at bringing together physics students from all over Germany who enjoy solving physics problems. The problems are published by the IPT board and deal with a wide range of phenomena from recent scientific issues to everyday physics. The GPT is also the national pre-selection for the IPT. The winning team will represent Germany at the IPT 2020.

At both IPT and GPT, teams of students are solving intriguing physics problems with theoretical and experimental methods. The problems have been published in August to provide enough time for your preparation. Your team will have to face several challenges during the tournament. Your solutions have to be presented properly in a 10 minute talk and defended against the opponent. On the other hand, you have to criticise other team's solution as opponent yourselves and point out possible shortcomings. Finally, as a reviewer, you lead an objective discussion focussing on the improvement of the problem's solution. All contributions are rated by an independent jury after each physics fight. The entire tournament is in English including all presentations and discussions. This will train not only your abilities to lead science-motivated discussions but also your skills to express yourselves in a foreign language.


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