Netzwerk Teilchenwelt

Astro- and particle physics offers insight into the world of the smallest particles and the great mysteries of the universe. The Particle World Network aims to impart this fascinating knowledge to teachers, young people and project leaders. The DPG is patron and partner of the Particle World Network.

In the Particle World Network you can experience particle physics and astroparticle physics at first hand. At workshops in schools, student laboratories or museums, young people and teachers all over Germany experience the world of quarks, electrons & Co. at first hand. As particle researchers for a day they measure real data from CERN or particles from outer space, discuss with scientists and immerse themselves in the world of the smallest particles and big questions about the origin and structure of the universe. Those who want to know more can join the network, develop their own projects and take part in workshops at CERN in Geneva. In addition to accelerator physics, the particle world network also offers experiments with cosmic particles. With the help of detectors, particles are made visible that are constantly reaching the Earth from space. Young people and teachers can also become active at original locations: Workshops or project weeks at CERN and collaboration with German research institutes are possibilities offered by the network.

Patron and partner for the Particle World Network is the German Physical Society.