Annual General Meeting of members

The Annual General Meeting of members takes place on an annual basis as part of the DPG Annual Conference. The Executive Board reports to the members on the developments of the past year. In addition to the Annual General Meeting, the President may convene an Extraordinary General Meeting.

What happens in a general meeting?

  • Approval of the actions of the Executive Board and the Chief Executive
  • Establishment and hearing of committees and controlling bodies of the DPG (auditors)
  • Possibility to submit comments on the statute modifications
  • Submitting recommendations and tasks to the Council
  • Acceptance of the activity report of the Executive Board
  • Acceptance of the approved budget by the Council
  • Acceptance of the treasurer's report on the annual report of the treasurer
  • Discussion of other agenda items submitted by DPG members

Proposals for the agenda of the Annual General Meeting

The implementing regulations of the DPG Statutes require the Chief Executive to ask the members to submit proposals for the agenda of the DPG Annual General Meeting, together with the documents necessary for its discussion, at least 15 weeks before an Annual General Meeting, stating a return date in the DPG Members' Journal which is at least six weeks before the meeting. The Executive Board must add to the agenda a proposal received in due time, provided that it has been signed by at least 15 members of the DPG. Further information on the general meeting can be found in the internal area.

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