Public relations

Public relations concerns the entire external and internal communication of the young DPG. In addition to a great deal of creative freedom and diverse opportunities for involvement, public relations work means one thing above all: work. Fortunately, there is this nationwide working team that shares the many tasks. If you would like to help shape the jDPG, just get in touch


Member of the Board for Public Relations - Young DPG








Join in

Do you have new ideas or suggestions? Do you want to improve something or simply share your opinion with us?
 Then get in touch with us! We are always open to new ideas, but we can also use feedback and help with ongoing projects.

The next chat will take place on May 8th at 19:00 (zoom room 1). A lot of interesting things also take place between the chats. If you want to know what's going on, please send me an e-mail.

Ongoing projects

  • Fan articles
    Are you a fan of the jDPG? We have the right clothes
  • Photo collection
    Photos are taken at every event - we collect the best ones
  • Image
    A good reputation never hurts
  • Communication channels
    Only by e-mail and telephone is not enough for all of us - we are always looking for even more efficient ways
  • Guides
    Short and sweet on one page - all the information you need
  • Logos
    Big events need an identity - we design the logos
  • Membership statistics
    Sometimes the number of members increases, sometimes it decreases - that's what we keep track of
  • Presentation slides
    You want to present the jDPG? We have the right slides for it
  • Press relations
    There is nothing better than an article in the Physik Journal to show what great events the jDPG organises
  • Print media
    Flyers, stickers, posters, name badges etc. - We design with passion
  • Social Media
    A post on Instagram - made easy
  • Website
    Oh - here we are!