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Short time scale physics deals with various physical and technical effects and phenomena that occur on short time scales from a few hundredths of a second to femtoseconds (10-15 s) or even attoseconds (10-18 s).

Another field of short time scale physics is the interaction of laser radiation with matter and the generation of laser radiation. In addition to the classical gas lasers, the more modern concepts of solid-state lasers are also located in both, continuous wave operation and pulsed operation in short-term physics. The application of laser radiation e.g. for material processing, surface modification, sensor technology but also medical applications are also topics of short time scale physics.

Further information on short time scale and applied laser physics
A selection of the topics

Optischer Messaufbau zur Bestimmung der laserinduzierten Absorption mittels Laserkalorimetrie
Optical measurement setup for the determination of laser induced absorption by laser calorimetry according to the International Standard ISO 11551. Typical absorption values of laser mirrors for the wavelength of 532 nm used here are in the range of a few ppm to several 10 ppm. (Photo: LZH)

Laserinduzierte Zerstörung in dielektrischen Beschichtungen
Laser induced destruction in dielectric coatings. Depending on the beam parameters and the wavelength of the laser, different morphologies result which can be used to interpret the laser induced destruction mechanisms. The International Standard ISO 21254 is mainly used for the determination of the destruction thresholds. (Photo: LZH)