Here you get an overview of the programme of PLANCKS 2022.

Programme overview

The competition itself and the prize ceremony are of course an obligatory part of the programme of PLANCKS 2022. But beyond that, there will be definitely more than enough occasions for you to get to know the scientific landscape of Munich, to listen to captivating speakers, to network with other participants from all over the world and to savour the cultural and culinary offer of the Bavarian metropolis:

Time Table
Time Table

Please note the following remarks to the programme overview:

  • Fields coloured with dark blue belong to the actual competition.
  • Fields coloured with light blue are DPG actvities.
  • Fields coloured with red denote IAPS activities.
  • The activities labeled with * are optional.
  • Costs connected to optional activities displayed in green have to be defrayed by all participants themselves.


The actual competition is of course the most crucial point of our programme as this is the moment when the participating teams give proof of their abilities. It will take place on Saturday morning. Read about what awaits you there on the competition page:

Guest speakers

To show you how diverse the physical research in Munich is, we have invited some interesting guest speakers from the city. They will report about physics topics like astrophysics, plasma physics and quantum technology. On the following page, we introduce our guest speakers:


We will soon inform you about the planned workshops.


We will also soon inform you about the planned excursions within Munich.

City Rallye

While the the PLANCKS jury will be meticulously correcting your solutions, you will explore the city of München. The City Rallye will lead you to important and interesting places connected to culture and science in the Bavarian capital. You will learn, how suitable Munich is as a place to study physics.

Evening Programme

On Thursday evening, you will have the chance to enjoy the German Evening. It will not only appease your hunger, it is also thought to inform you about and familiarise you with the host country of PLANCKS 2022. You will get to know more about Germany as a place for studying as well as the chances which it offers as a scientific and technological center. Additionally, you will be acquainted with the German culture, e.g. by typically German culinary delicacies.
You will spend the Friday Evening in a typical German beergarden. So you will have the chance to taste beer under an extraordinary atmosphere. Additionally, you can also enlarge your physics knowledge by biophysical facts on that traditional and legendary drink.
On Saturday, the Conference Dinner will take place. It will be an evening which provides optimal conditions for an intensive exchange and vively conversations to enable international networking. After the actual dinner, IAPS will invite to a chummy second part of the evening.