New Journal of Physics

The New Journal of Physics (NJP) is a physics journal that publishes original scientific papers from the entire field of physics. The DPG publishes the NJP together with its British sister organisation, the Institute of Physics (IOP).


The NJP is committed to the highest scientific quality. Submitted contributions are subject to a strict review process. Only if they meet the strict quality standards will they appear in the NJP. All articles of the NJP are generally accessible on the internet free of charge ("open access").

DPG and IOP founded the New Journal of Physics in 1998 as one of the first open access journals to demonstrate that the open access format can work. The outcome of this experiment was by no means certain at the time. - Today, the idea that the results of publicly funded research should generally be generally accessible free of charge ("open") has become widely accepted.

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New Journal of Physics

Gegründet 1998 als Partnership des Institute of Physics (IOP) und der DPG.
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