Social Media Team

The social media team takes care of the jDPG's activities and presence on Instagram.

The jDPG on social media

The jDPG is also on the web! For our younger target group, we are currently focussing on Instagram. In particular, we want to provide a diverse insight into the various jDPG events and of course a bit physics and science.

The jDPG uses the DPG's social media channels for its online presence.

social media channels :  (or

Current projects

The social media team is currently working on the following topics:

  • Year in review - we provide an overview of jDPG events at the end of the calendar year
  • Posts about jDPG events - shorter, timely! review of events
  • Instagram accompaniment of events - reports and insights directly from the event
  • Physics quiz - a quiz on Instagram about interesting facts from the field of physics and science
  • Concept development/documentation of social media projects

The social media team works together with the DPG's public relations team.

Contact us

You can reach the social media team by email directly or .


The Social Media Team chats are generally open to interested jDPG members. The chats take place irregularly or during the A-Team chats of the A-Team Public Relations. It is therefore advisable to contact us in advance.

Next chat date: tba

Further information

The social media team and this guide offer help with social media posts.

Photos can also be sent directly to the team via the social media upload form.

(So you don't have to design the complete post, one or two nice photos are enough to help the team).


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