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The Publishing Group is responsible for jDPG's press relations.

About us

The jDPG Publishing Group (jD(PG)²) is responsible for the jDPG's press work and is a subgroup of the Public Relations A-Team. It acts as an intermediary between jDPG members and the Physik Journal, the DPG's member magazine. We ensure that articles and reports from and about the jDPG appear in the Physik Journal. In addition to selecting topics, proofreading articles and communicating with the Physik Journal, cooperation with the authors is our top priority. When writing, the team or a contact person will support you and take on tasks for you that arise in addition to writing the article.

Why should you write an article?

An article in the Physik Journal is an opportunity to share your personal experiences and adventures in the (j)DPG and the world of physics with other members. The visibility of projects or events increases with an article and gives, for example, feedback to the organisers or orientation to the readers. It also gives other members the opportunity to find out about the event, even if they were unable to attend. A report can therefore only have a positive effect on the future work and programmes of the jDPG.

And you also have your own article in a magazine with a monthly circulation of around 55,000 - not everyone can claim that.

What can you write about?

As a jDPG member, you can write various articles for the Physik Journal. You can find an overview of the common formats here. Of course, we are also open to new ideas.

  • Event report: To share experiences and adventures in the (j)DPG, short texts about the latest regional group event, the exciting excursions or the past weekend seminar paired with a nice picture are particularly suitable.
  • Project reports: Alot also happens in the jDPG outside of events. For example, in order to present a newly developed project of an A-Team to a large audience, these are presented in a project report. Other topics such as the regional group prize can also be addressed.
  • Opinion piece: The opinion piece always appears on the third page of the Physik Journal. Here a DPG member presents his or her objective opinion on a current topic or issue.
  • Book reviews: Have you just read a book that inspired you so much that you want to share it with everyone? Then a review for the Physik Journal is just the thing! Of course, it doesn't always have to be about physics.
  • Short interviews: Do you know a person who is active in the jDPG and is also doing exciting things that the readers of the Physik Journal should know about? Let us know and we will suggest this person for the short interview of the Physik Journal.

Contact us

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions for an article, please write to us:


The jD(PG)² team meets once a month via Zoom to discuss upcoming and new projects and project ideas, for example. You are cordially invited to drop by.

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Further information

Handout for writing an article

In this document, authors will find all the information they need to write an article for the Physik Journal. (Please recognize that this document is written in German)


Here you will find a selection of articles that have been written by jDPG members in the past.

As a DPG member you also have full access to all editions and articles of the Physik Journal, including of course the current issue. Visit this website: pro.physik.de