2022-11-13 Your feedback required – infos from FV Molecular Physics of the DPG

Information from the Division of Molecular Physics of the DPG: DPG spring meeting 2023 deadline for abstract submission & nominations for invited speakers (Hauptvorträge) — nominations for best doctoral thesis (Dissertationspreis) — info on your research group for FV MO website — infos from "Tag der DPG"

Dear Members of the DPG Division of Molecular Physics,


  • DPG spring meeting 2023: deadline for abstract submission & nominations for invited speakers (Hauptvorträge)
  • nominations for the best doctoral thesis (Dissertationspreis)
  • info on your research group for FV MO website
  • info from "Tag der DPG"

Many of these points are urgent, please see the details below.

I hope you are all doing well and can also continue with good teaching and exciting research despite the difficult and worrying times. Here's a somewhat longer email to inform you of details from the DPG FV MO and several requests for your feedback.

If you are a native German speaker, as most of us will be, we hope that you are okay with our information emails being distributed in English. We assume that everybody will understand English without a problem, but we are aware of our non-German members for which the "Scientific English" information is a lot easier to access. Please feel free to respond in German or English.

DPG spring meeting 2023 – deadline for abstract submission

Please submit abstracts of your contributions to the DPG SAMOP spring meeting in Hannover at https://samop23.dpg-tagungen.de/programm/abstract until 2022-12-01!

DPG spring meeting 2023 – nominations for invited speakers (Hauptvorträge)

Please send your suggestions for invited speakers (Hauptvorträge) for the Molecular Physics scientific program to until 2022-12-01. Please include the name, affiliation, and email of the candidate as well as the links to max. 2 key publications.

Younger scientists, especially young/early research group leaders, are very strongly preferred; please also consider diversity.

Nominations for the best doctoral thesis (Dissertationspreis)

Submit your nominations for the best-thesis award (Dissertationspreis) 2023. The original deadline is 2022-11-15, but will be somewhat extended; details will follow in due course. Please prepare and submit your nomination ASAP.

Please realize that already the selection for participation in the special symposium for the "final four" candidates is a significant distinction and an important and wonderful experience for your graduate. Thus I am hoping for several strong suggestions from the FV MO:-)

For details see https://www.dpg-physik.de/auszeichnungen/preise-der-dpg-vereinigungen/ausschreibung-diss-preise-2023_web-1.pdf

Info on your research group for FV MO website

Please send us info on your research group for inclusion on the Division of Molecular Physics website https://www.dpg-physik.de/vereinigungen/fachlich/samop/fvmo/info.

This info can be provided by any group member, i.e, also if you are a graduate student or postdoc;-) Please send info to be included in the list in the format

AK <principal investigator> [group name], city [,country], <URL group website>

Of course, please also report all mistakes we might have introduced on the page/website.

Please also distribute the website to all potentially interested parties, esp. also to undergraduate and graduate students.

Infos from "Tag der DPG"

Quanten 2025

DPG plans to publicly promote physics and esp. quantum physics via a new "Year of Physics" or more specifically "Quanten2025". Please see https://quantum2025.org and https://www.dpg-physik.de/aktivitaeten-und-programme/quanten-2025 for further details.

Please consider supporting this important worldwide outreach activity, also of molecular physics, through active participation, academic and political support of the process, and possibly even the organization of corresponding events.

If you want to contribute, please contact the organizers at  or me at .

Memorandum of the DPG (Denkschrift der DPG)

DPG plans to create a new book on physics and its impact in the real world with a working title "Physik: Erkenntnisse und Perspektiven" – both as a printed book as well as an interactive website. This shall serve a broad range of incentives, from its handout to DPG awardees, e.g., for pupils, to a memorandum to politicians. Currently, the plan is to find ~50 authors to write individual chapters to be redacted by a (small group of) professional writer(s).

If you want to participate or have suggestions for authors or coordinators that are willing to work on this, please let me know at .

International relations – DPG's relationship to EPS and handling of "difficult partners"

Activities in the DPG on these two important topics with respect to international activities are ongoing and the current status of a corresponding discussion group was reported. Esp. if you have insight or experience with the relationship between DPG and EPS, please let me know at .


It was agreed that "supporting diversity" is an explicit goal of DPG and that this shall be implemented in the statutes of DPG.

Best regards,

Jochen Küpper