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Φ·SOE = Fachverband Physik sozio-ökonomischer Systeme
(= Physics of Socio-Economic Systems Division)


The mathematical and computer simulation of social and economic systems is receiving more and more attention. The dedicated scientific community is rapidly growing and involves, besides sociologist and economists, also physicists, mathematicians, computers scientists, biologists, engineers, and the communities working on complex systems and operations research. To keep an overview, it is important to be well connected, and to benefit from shared information platforms.

The division on "Physics of Socio-Economic Systems" (Φ·SOE, previously AKSOE/AGSOE) is committed to support the scientific exchange between the scientific disciplines involved. It has currently more than 300 members and organizes a spring conference with typically 70-100 contributions each year. During this conference, it features outstanding international speakers not only from socio- and econo-physics, but also from sociology and economics. Furthermore, scientists are awareded for outstanding innovative work in this field.

Next event: Spring conference - March 26-31 2023 in Dresden, Germany!

Participant registration is here:

Please book your accomodation very soon (at best directly with the hotel) and opt for short cancellation options for hotel and travel. Sparpreis of Deutsche Bahn allows for cancellation (15 EUR fee) the day before travel.

Currently planned symposia, focus sessions and tutorials:

  • Symposium: Dynamics of Opinion Formation – from Quorum Sensing to Polarization (SYOF)Symposium of the divisions SOE, DY and BP
    Organisation: Sven Banisch, Karlsruhe, Germany, Jens-Christian Claussen, University of Birmingham, Großbritannien, Karoline Wiesner, Universität Potsdam, Deutschland
  • Tutorial: Stochastic process of opinion formation dynamics
  • Focus session: Critical transitions in society, economy, and nature (joint SOE/DY)
    organized by Diego Rybski and Fakhteh Ghanbarnejad

    Critical Transitions are well known in physics and in particular theories like percolation theory belong to the mainstream in statistical physics. However, related concepts such as regime shifts and tipping points are investigated in various contexts and applications. The aim of this Focus Session is to spotlight bridges between the areas of dynamical systems, percolation, socio-economical physics and beyond - with applications in fields such as ecology, climate, economy. The focus is on a transfer of ideas and methodologies between these disciplines to highlight Critical Transitions and their understanding.

Future events:

We have a rolling call for special / focus sessions - drop us a mail at and your topic gets listed in the submission interface.  

Previous Events: 

Spring Conference 2022, held in autumn

  • Symposium Collective Social Dynamics from Animals to Humans (SYCS) - Symposium of the divisions SOE, DY and BP
    Organisation: Fakhteh Ghanbarnejad, Dresden, Germany, Eckehard Olbrich, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig, Germany, Philipp Hövel, University College Cork, Ireland
    Invited Speakers: Frank Schweitzer (ETHZ), Laura Alessandretti (Copenhagen), Sven Banisch (Karlsruhe), Pawel Romanczuk (Berlin) and Hanja Brandl (Konstanz)
  • Tutorial: Stochastic Processes from Financial Risk to Biology
    Invited Speakers: Paul Embrechts (ETHZ), Tobias Galla (IFISC), Bernhard Mehlig (Gothenburg)
  • Plenary Talk: Ricard Sole (U Pompeu Fabra)
  • Invited Talks: Rainer Hegselmann (Frankfurt / Bayreuth), Theo Geisel (Göttingen)

Spring Conference 2021, held in autumn (online)

Spring conference 2021 (online)

Spring conference 2020 (online)

Spring conference 2019 in Regensburg

  • Plenary talk by Christopher Moore (Santa Fe) - Thursday 14-15
  • Invited talks by Jan Lorenz (Bremen), Tiago Peixoto (Bath), Tiziana di Matteo (London), and t.b.a.
  • Joint Focus Session (with DY and BP) on Multilayer Networks (org: Anna Zakharova, Sarika Jalan)
    keynote speakers: Immaculada Leyva (Madrid), Filippo Radicci (Indiana), Eckehard Schöll (Berlin), Ralph Andrzejak (Barcelona)
  • Insurance risks (call for contributions)
  • Symposium: Pattern Formation (DY/BP/SOE) - with accompanying session (call for contributions)
  • PhD student organized symposium (jDPG/DY/BP/SOE)
  • For your hotel booking: tutorial talks on Statistical Physics methods of Big Data Analysis in physics start on Sunday 16:00-18:30

Associated event: COLLAB2018 - Workshop on Collective Animal Behaviour (org: Ghanbarnejad / Eguiluz)

Previous conference: March 11-16, 2018 in the open-minded world metropole Berlin!

Download the poster!
Highlights of the program:

  • Focus Session (DY/SOE/BP) Physics of Contagion Processes (org: Philipp Hövel, Pawel Romanczuk, and Jonathan Donges) - Contributions welcome!
    Invited Speakers:
    • Vittoria Colizza, Jesus Gomez Gardenes, Peter Grassberger, Iain Couzin, Andrzej Nowak
  • Invited Tutorials Sunday 16:00-19:30 (SOE/DY/jDPG) Models of Economic and Financial Markets
    • Thomas Guhr (Duisburg)
    • Ole Peters (London)
  • Evening talk: Frank Schweitzer (Zurich): Kollektive Dynamik in Sozialen Systemen: Von Aristotoles zu Boxxy
  • Invited speakers:
    • Thomas Lux (Kiel): Estimation of agent-based economic models
    • Jean-Philippe Bouchaud (Paris): Tipping points and crises in simple macroeconomic models
  • Session: Power grids / Energy Systems
  • Focus Session: Computational Social Science
  • Yough Scientist Award 2018: Prize talk by Martin Rosvall - Congratulations!

Previous conference: March 11-16, 2017 Dresden

Download the poster!
Sneak preview of the program:

  • Symposium Physics of collective mobility (org: Marc Timme, Hartmut Löwen and Vitaly Belik)
  • Focus Session (SOE) Cities as complex systems (org: Diego Rybski)
  • Focus Session (DY/SOE/BP) Controlling complex networks in nature and engineering (org: Anna Zakharove and Eckehard Schöll)
  • Plenary talk: Stuart Kauffman
  • Invited speakers: Marc Barthelemy, Cees Diks, Ernesto Estrada, Michael Schreckenberg, Michael Szell
  • ... and your contribution(s)!

Please submit your abstract(s) here
before 1st of December - and do not forget to (i) book your hotel and (ii) to register within January or before 5th of February to ensure you get the early bird fee!

Our last spring conference: March 5-11, 2016 in Regensburg

Short summary of the program:

  • Invited Speakers: Ernst Fehr (keynote, Zürich), Jorge Pacheco (plenary, Lisbon), Cars Hommes (Amsterdam), Michael Lässig (Cologne), Katarzyna Sznajd-Weron (Wroclav), Diego Garlaschelli (Lucca)
    (further speakers tba)
  • Symposium "Scientometric maps and dynamic models of science and scientific collaboration networks" (joint SOE/DY/BP/jDPG) Thu 9:30-12:15
    speakers: Katy Börner, Alexander Petersen, Cassidy Sugimono, Marti Rosvall and Matus Medo
  • Symposium "Chimera states: coherence-incoherence patterns in complex networks" (joint DY/SOE) Tue 9:30-12:15
    speakers: Eckehard Schöll - Daniel Abrams – Ken Showalter - Victor Bastidas - Klaus Lehnertz
    Download the poster!
  • The conference starts with a series of tutorial invited lectures on Sunday 16:00-18:30
  • We invite contributions for a focus session on currencies and market stability (get in touch!)

Past conference: March 15-20, 2015 in Berlin

SOE increases! We had 116 abstracts (including a good fraction of posters)! Thanks for all who submitted!

We are happy to welcome you

at TU Berlin, again with a thrilling program. Sneak preview: (see also the poster...):

  • Symposium (SOE/DY) Physics of Sustainability and Human-Nature Interactions (org.: Reik Donner and Diego Rybski):
    • Anna Nagurney (U Massachusetts) "Design of sustainable supply chain networks for sustainable cities"
    • Hermann Held (Hamburg) "Dynamical effects of climate investment under uncertainty"
    • Salvador Pueyo (Barcelona) "Ecological econophysics for degrowth"
    • Tim Lenton (Exeter) "Physics concepts to anticipating and avoiding critical transitions"
    • Julia Steinberger (Leeds) (talk title tba)
    There will be an accompanying session - please submit your contributions! Also posters are welcome for this topic.
  • Special Keynote Talk: We are grateful that Simon Levin (Princeton) accepted the invitation for a plenary talk: "Collective motion, collective decision-making and collective action: From microbes to societies" (Thu 14:00-14:45)
  • Invited speakers of the SOE sessions:
    • Duncan Watts (New York): "Computational Social Science: Exciting Progress and Future Challenges"
    • Luis Bettencourt (Santa Fe): "Cities, Scaling and Sustainability"
  • Call for contributions: Focus Session "Complex contagion phenomena: Networks, Cascades and Feedback" (organizers: Fakhteh Ghanbarnejad and Dirk Brockmann)
  • Call for contributions: Session on "Energy Networks" (select this section if appropriate when you submit your abstract)
  • On Sunday afternoon preceding the conference there will be an invited tutorial session ("From spin models to macroeconomics") with tutorial lectures:
    • Sylvie Geisendorf (Berlin): "Macroeconomics in a nutshell, for physicists" (16:00-16:40)
    • Sebastian Krause (Zagreb): "Spin models as microfoundation of macroscopic financial models"
    • Katarzyna Sznajd-Weron (Wroclaw) "Voter models and other dynamical spin models of social opinion formation "
  • The conference is community-driven! If you are interested in organizing a Focus Session, please get in touch!

The YSA 2014 goes to Roger Guimera! Congratulations!

Read the press release (english) and german translation

<h4>Call contributions (talks, posters) and nominations for the Young Scientist Award (YSA)!</h4> Next DPG spring meeting, 30.March - 4.April 2014 in Dresden, is approaching!<br> Please send your suggestions for invited speakers / topical speakers by 1. of August to <span style="background:#ccf;" tal:replace="structure dpgemail: ">[replace]</span><br> <br> Suggestions for Focus Sessions (may be joint sessions with other divisions) are still possible (please contact us immediately).<br> <br> The deadline for contributed talks or posters is 1. of December.<br> <br> Nominations for the SKM dissertation prize (all condensed matter divisions) can also be made before 5. of December.<br> <br> The deadline for nominations for the YSA (Young Scientist Award for Socio- and Econophysics) also is 1. of December, <a href=""> see the full announcement</a> - <a href="">please click here for the nomination form</a>.

SOE Program of DPG 2014 Dresden is out!

Sneak preview of the program (see also the poster...):

  • Luís A. Nunes Amaral (Northwestern): Some Examples of the Impact of Big Data on the Study of Social Systems
  • Hans Jürgen Herrmann (Zurich): The robustness of complex networks
  • Cesar Hidalgo(Boston): Crystallized Imagination
  • Michael Macy(Cornell): The Mesh of Civilizations in the Global Network of Digital Communications

Symposium: Energy Meets Economy: Dynamics and Statistics of Future Energy Systems (org. Marc Timme and J C Claussen)

  • Reiner Kümmel (Würzburg) Energy and the Economy
  • Rudolf Sollacher (SIEMENS, München) Smart Grids - From incentives to coupled markets
  • Oliver Richters (Wiesbaden): tba
  • Dirk Witthaut (Jülich): tba
  • Joachim Peinke (Oldenburg): tba

Symposium: Stochastic Dynamics of Growth Processes in Biological and Social Systems (org. Tobias Galla and Arne Traulsen)

  • Tibor Antal (Edinburgh)
  • Andrea De Martino (Rome)
  • Madeleine Leisner (Munich)
  • Baruch Meerson (Jerusalem)
  • Bernhard Mehlig (Göteborg)

jDPG Workshop ''Physik trifft Volkswirtschaftslehre'' in Oldenburg

    • The Young Scientist Award 2013 for Socio- and Econophysics goes to Vittoria Colizza. Congratulations!
      read the press release

      The prize is awarded during the award session on Monday afternoon, 16:00 at lecture hall H37. Alan Kirman setting the stage with his invited talk "Mind the gap: What economics, social insects and statistical physics can learn from each other", followed by the prize presentation and the awardee's talk. The session is followed by a social get-together with beer, pretzels and Leberkäs.
    • Current event: Spring meeting, Regensburg 10.-15. March 2013. Do not miss the exciting program! Registration is still possible, even on-site.

    From the program:
    • Ian Couzin (Princeton, USA) "Distributed sensing and decision-making in animal and human collectives"
    • NEW! Thursday 15:00-15:45 Jörg Reichardt (Würzburg) "Spin models for the analysis of network data across the sciences"
    • Kim Sneppen (Copenhagen, Denmark) "Modeling co-existence of competing opinions"
    • Dirk Brockmann (Northwestern, USA) "Have we been looking at the spread of epidemics all wrong?"
    • Alan Kirman (Marseille, France) "Mind the gap: What economics, social insects and statistical physics can learn from each other"
    • and as a special highlight: Plenary talk (Monday, noon): Sidney Redner (Boston, USA) "The dynamics of wealth, popularity and persuasion"
    • Change in program: Thursday 15:00-15:45 Jörg Reichardt (Würzburg) "Spin models for the analysis of network data across the sciences"
  • The program for this year's DPG Spring Meeting (Regensburg, March 11-15, 2013) is out! You can download the SOE portion here and the full conference program from the conference homepage.
Recent past activities:
download the poster (pdf)