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A volume of the DPG's Verhandlungen will be published for each of the DPG's spring meetings. The Verhandlungen are the programme booklets with the abstracts of the scientific contributions to the DPG spring meetings, which also contain general information about the meetings. Registered participants of a spring conference will receive the relevant volume of the negotiations when checking in at the conference. The costs of this volume are included in the conference fee.

The printed version of the Verhandlungen can also be ordered independently of a conference participation and will be sent out approximately in February. Depending on the volume, a fee of between 9 and 25 euros will be charged for the postal delivery of the proceedings (see details in the form). Such an order does not trigger delivery in subsequent years. If all Verhandlungen are ordered, however, the conference proceedings will be sent out annually until cancelled, whereby 30 euros will be charged per delivery.

If you are interested in the negotiations of the DPG, please contact Ms Felisa Arias ().

Online Negotiations

Since 1997, electronic versions of the negotiations have been made available online in addition to the printed version. It also contains an archive of the negotiations of previous meetings. A complete switch to the electronic version is not planned in the near future, as many conference participants do not want to do without a printed version. For them, the electronic version is a useful supplement, but not a substitute.

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