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Honorary membership

Honorary membership is awarded by the DPG to persons who have rendered outstanding services to physics or the DPG.


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Honour Commission

The Board of Directors sets up a commission to find and nominate candidates for honorary membership or an honorary pin.

Kommission zur Vergabe von Ehrenmitgliedschaften


Prof. em. Dr. Dieter Meschede

Prof. Dr. Dieter Röß

Dr. Lutz Schröter

Prof. Dr. Joachim Trümper

Prof. Dr. Joachim Ullrich

Extract from the DPG statutes on honorary memberships (§11)

1. Persons who have rendered outstanding services to physics or the DPG may be elected honorary members.

2. Honorary members have all the rights and duties of a personal member without obligation to pay membership fees.

3. The exclusion of an honorary member from the DPG is permissible for good cause. Important reasons are in particular a violation of the statutes, an unobjective disparagement of the DPG in public or an unobjective impairment of the organisational peace. The exclusion of an honorary member can be decided upon by the board of directors upon justified request. Before exclusion, the honorary member concerned must be given the opportunity to make a statement. An appeal against an exclusion can be lodged with the Chief Executive, on which the Board of Directors will decide.