Regionale Vereinigungen

Mitglieder der DPG, die in einem größeren zusammenhängenden regionalen Bereich leben, sind in den seit der Gründungszeit der DPG bestehenden Regionalverbänden (Gründungsregionalverbänden) organisiert oder können in Ortsverbänden organisiert sein.

Local Associations

Members of the DPG living in a larger contiguous regional area may be organised in local associations. The formation and dissolution of local associations shall be decided by the Board of Directors upon request. Each local association has a chairman, who is an ex officio member of the board without voting rights.

Regional Associations

Members of the DPG who live in a larger coherent regional area are organised in the regional associations (founding regional associations) which have existed since the DPG was founded. In particular, members of the DPG are also members of the founding regional association responsible for their place of residence, insofar as this exists. The dissolution of a founding regional association takes place in agreement between the founding regional association and the board of directors. Each founding regional association appoints two persons to represent it in the board of directors with voting rights.