Hacky Hours

The working group on information and the young DPG invite to their new session type "Hacky Hour". Participants of DPG Spring Meetings are encouraged to submit contributions on the topic of practical tools for daily scientific work and discuss them with others.

Good tools and programs can support and simplify daily scientific work enormously. But who knows them all? And who can tell you whether a particular tool or package is really suitable for the planned use and where are the possible pitfalls?

These questions are addressed in the "Hacky Hour".

You know an extremely helpful tool or program? Then introduce it briefly, demonstrate it if possible and discuss it with others! Please submit your contribution in the conference system under the topic "Hacky Hour" in the working groups AGI or young DPG.

You have questions/problems with a tool? You are certainly not alone.
Send us your topic for the "Hacky Hour" forum and we will organize the discussion.

On the Spring Meetings 2023, the schedule for the Hacky Hours is:

  Berlin (SKM Tagung)
Timeslot: tba
Deadline: 12.01.24

Each slot will consist of a section where several tools will be presented (presentations welcome) and discussed, and a forum for more general exchange on the topics submitted.

The topics of the last Hacky Hour can be found here.

More about the idea of Hacky Hours can be found here.