Communication in our society

The size of the DPG and the voluntary engagement of the individual DPG members make it possible to organise hundreds of association activities every year. It is a great task for the communication media to communicate and organise this work internally as well as externally. The DPG uses various communication channels for this purpose, in which members can also become active themselves.

Membership magazine Physik Journal

As a DPG member journal, the Physik Journal is a kind of "bulletin board" of the society. The journal regularly reports on news from physics and the DPG. According to the statutes of the DPG, the Physics Journal is the official information sheet of the DPG. As a member, you receive the current issue of the journal eleven times a year free of charge. Since 2002 the journal is called "Physik Journal", before it was published under the name "Physikalische Blätter" - for the first time in 1944. The DPG is the sole publisher of the journal. The Physik Journal is published, produced and distributed by Wiley-VCH GmbH and has its own independent editorial office.

The articles in the Physik Journal are produced at the suggestion of a specialist board of curators. In addition, suggestions from the community are welcome - especially on controversial topics that could possibly be considered as opinion articles. In addition, you have the opportunity to write letters to the editor about articles that have already been published in order to stimulate discussion within the physics community and thus the Physik Journal. There is also the possibility to refer to activities of your DPG association in the Physics Journal. Simply send an e-mail with your request to or contact the editorial team of the Physik Journal directly.


Physik Journal Newsletter

Every two weeks DPG members receive the free Physics Journal Newsletter, which informs you about news from physics, current research news, the activities of the DPG, interesting TV broadcasts or exciting reviews of the Physics Journal. The newsletter can be subscribed or unsubscribed at any time when you join the DPG or later using the modification form on the DPG website. However, they are not automatically supplied, but must actively agree to receive the newsletter.

If you would like to make an activity or event known to your DPG Association, you can also publish a small article in the Physics Journal Newsletter. Simply send an e-mail with your request to .


Mailings of the DPG and the DPG associations to their members

A large part of the club's internal communication is made possible by mailings. In addition to mailings on DPG activities, every DPG member can also receive press releases and the Physikkonkret - if desired and specified upon joining or by changing membership. These settings can be changed at any time online via "My DPG", by e-mail or by telephone.

⇒ My DPG

The chairpersons of DPG associations also have the opportunity to write to all members of their association via the DPG office in order to draw attention to current activities of the respective DPG association. Of course you can unsubscribe at any time from mailings of the DPG associations to which you have assigned yourself. However, you will then no longer receive any information from your association.


Meetings of DPG associations

If you become a DPG member, you can assign yourself to different DPG associations, up to two working groups (with or without a vote) and up to two professional associations according to your interests. The DPG associations are independent groupings of DPG members who jointly organise various activities and events in the DPG. For this purpose, the members of the DPG associations meet regularly at meetings and at the annual general meeting of the DPG association. Take part, stay informed and become an active member!


The DPG in the social media - From members for members

My DPG on Facebook

As a pioneer, the young DPG working group has ventured into the social media and has been represented on Facebook since 2014. Here a team of young DPG members publishes information about the activities of the working group. You can reach the team via .

Since 2017, the DPG has been represented on Facebook with a joint appearance. It is run by representatives of many DPG associations and the DPG office. The social media team reports on the activities of the association and its professional and interdisciplinary associations and thus tries to present the entire association transparently and authentically to the outside world. Any interested DPG member who is familiar with the association can participate in the Social Media Team. You can reach the team via .


The DPG on Instagram

The DPG has been represented on Instagram since 2020. There the projects "175 Impulse" and "175 Inspiring" take place, which are part of the 175th anniversary of the DPG.

DPGPhysikTV on YouTube

The DPG regularly publishes videos on individual projects or video series, which are usually organised and produced centrally. But DPG members also have the opportunity, with the support of the DPG office, to create videos of DPG activities organised on a voluntary basis. All videos can be found in the DPG channel on YouTube:

Social-Media-Team der DPG

gegründet 2016

Sebastian Dohrmann (DPG-Geschäftsstelle)
Sophia Endberg (DPG-Geschäftsstelle)
M.A. Melanie Rutowski (DPG-Geschäftsstelle)

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⇒ DPG Social Media Guidelines (german)
⇒ Social Media Netiquette (german)
⇒ Guidelines for the production of videos for the DPG (german)


If you have any further questions about how you as a DPG member can contact the DPG and its associations or what possibilities there are to obtain association information, you can contact the DPG office at any time. We will be happy to help you.