About the CPP division

Objectives of the CPP Division

  • Promotion of research and teaching in the field of condensed matter, especially in chemical physics, polymer physics and physics of complex fluids.
  • Promotion of cooperation with other disciplines, particularly with research groups in biophysics and statistical physics.


Tasks of the CPP Division

  • The CPP Division is in contact with other German natural science societies, amongst others with the 'Deutsche Rheologische Gesellschaft (DRG)', and on international level in particular with the physical associations American Physical Society, APS ; Division of Polymer Physics and European Physical Society (EPS).
  • The CPP Division consults the executive board on all issues concerning physics of condensed matter.
  • The CPP Division is represented in the council of the DPG by one member.
  • The Division CPP annually obtains a certain amount from the DPG budget which can be retrieved for purposes consistent with the statutes if an accordant receipt is submitted.
  • The chairperson of the division acts on behalf of the DPG as member of the 'Forschungsgesellschaft Kunststoffe e.V. (FGK)'.
  • Together with the other divisions, the CPP Division organizes the annual Spring meeting of the Condensed Matter Division.
  • The division financially supports workshops, symposia or conferences on soft condensed matter that are organized by its members.
  • The statutes and regulatory statutes of the DPG hold without restrictions.