Lutz Schröter as DPG vice president was welcoming the participants during the welcoming ceremony © DPG / Heitz 2022

PLANCKS 2022 has begun!

PLANCKS 2022 has finally started!

The welcome ceremony and therefore PLANCKS just started. Lots of places are filled in the "Große Aula" in the historical LMU Main Building and additional participants joined us online. The vice president of the German Physical Society (DPG) delivered a welcoming speech to all participants. The opening lecture was given by Harald Lesch, PLANCKS2022's patron. In his lecture, we discussed the astonishing power of physics. The applications to other fields are broad, but limitations have to be carefully thought about when applying physical methods to other disciplines. The talk will be followed by a guest lecture of Ignacio Cirac and a Postersession.