We are the young DPG

Share your enthusiasm for physics with us at school, during your studies or during your PhD. Almost 4000 members, more than 200 events per year and more than 30 regional groups make the young DPG one of the largest and most active associations of the DPG.

Arbeitskreis Junge DPG (AKjDPG)

Gegründet 2005 (als Projekt); seit 2006 Arbeitsgruppe; seit 2017 Arbeitskreis; 4.092 Mitglieder (Stand: 09.01.2023)

Our self-image

Many people do not find it easy to start studying physics. Studying physics means solving problems in theoretical and experimental physics throughout the semester, learning advanced mathematics and programming, carrying out physical experiments in the practical courses, writing protocols about them, and constantly familiarizing yourself with new subject areas. Then, in doctoral studies, what counts the most are publications in scientific journals and presentation of results at professional conferences. In the process, some may doubt their decisions and seek orientation.

The young DPG invites you to share your enthusiasm for physics beyond your studies and to draw new motivation from the exchange with like-minded people. We unite 4000 people interested in physics nationwide, from school to career entry, who pull together. At the same time, we sometimes pull in different directions. Nevertheless, we stick to what unites us.

We are united by the experience of being able to realize dreams together. Every year, we as a young DPG create inspiring encounters at over 200 events. We show young people at school that they are not alone with their interest in physics. With our offers we remind physics students that the weekly calculation of exercise sheets in physics studies is worthwhile. Not only because studying and earning a doctorate in physics opens up career prospects that inspire confidence. But above all because the quantitative, analytical, hypothesis-driven and model-based work in diverse research teams enables a clear, open view of the world.

In 2019, the young DPG celebrated small and big successes, three of which are highlighted here:
First, it has become clear that the young DPG's own competition DOPPLERS welds physics students from different cities into real teams and prepares them perfectly for the international competition PLANCKS. At PLANCKS in Denmark, for example, four young DPG members who had only just met at DOPPLERS won the competition.
Second, an organizing team emerged from the young DPG that brought the International Conference of Physics Students 2019 to Germany and turned it into an unforgettable, high-caliber, intercultural major event for nearly 500 physics students from around the world.
Third, let's name a success to which all our efforts have contributed. Every Meet your Prof and every regulars' table, every conference offering and every weekend seminar, all regional, nationwide and international initiatives, the whole school-accompanying, scientific, networking and career-orienting program of the young DPG has led to this success: While DPG membership numbers are slightly down, the young DPG continues to grow and has over four thousand members for the first time since October 2019. Let's continue to grow together!

In the anniversary year 2020, we remember the history of our professional society, which began 175 Earth orbits ago with six young people around the age of 25. Then as now, we as young members drive the DPG forward. Through our ideas, the DPG becomes active (also on Instagram). We lead the DPG into the future.

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