Insights into the working life of physicists

Have you ever asked yourself, what you can do once your studies are over? This series of talks will give you an idea about the diverse possibilities open to physicists entering the job market.

These talks are aimed at providing insights for students into the working life of people with an education in physics. Here, students can get an impression of some of the career paths, which are  possible after graduation. We have invited four speakers, who will tell us about their individual career path. They will share their most important experiences and pass on to you the wisdom they wish they’d had at the end of their studies, and ultimately explain how they ended up in the positions they hold today.

Future talks:


Past talks:

Summer term 2021:

  • 20.04.21: Dr. Max Hoffmann - Lufthansa Systems (Air Traffic Management and Optimization)
  • 27.04.21: Ingrid Heppe - self-employed and working in health communication (This talk is given in German!)
  • 04.05.21: Dr. Sebastian Trick - Roche Diagnostics (medical technology)
  • 11.05.21: Johanna Baschek - Deutsche Bahn (digital information channels for travellers)

Winter term 2021/2022:

Summer term 2022: