HYBRID Insights into the working life of physicists

Here we present you the second talk of our series "Insights into the working life of physicists" (German: Physik im Beruf) of the summer term 2022 in Heidelberg

We, 18.05.2022 18:30  –   We, 18.05.2022 20:00
Dr. Frederik Schönebeck, FRAMOS GmbH
Kirchhoff Institut für Physik and Zoom
Im Neuenheimer Feld 227, 69120 Heidelberg
Lecture Hall 2
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Event partner:
Fachschaft MathPhysInfo
Contact person:
Franka Neumann,
DPG Association:
Regional Group Heidelberg  Working Group "Young DPG" (jDPG)  


Spending five years trying to unveil the formation history of the Milky Way with the Very Large Telescope and then selling imaging solutions for FRAMOS GmbH, a family-run German "Mittelstand" company?
What at first glance looks only remotely related is, on closer inspection, an exciting and diversified journey that provides numerous opportunities to help shape our future and at the same time offers countless possibilities for personal growth.
I will talk about the tools I acquired during my doctoral studies, people management, personal expectations, motivation, and much more that guided me on my career path from being an astronomer to founding and leading the "Custom Solutions" team at FRAMOS and that help me make (good and bad) decisions every day.