The Young German Physical Society has a lot of international partners and projects. The working group international is connecting Young DPG members around the world and organizing exchanges - Physics is a global fascination!

Aktuelle Projekte:

  • Exchange with Mafihe (Hungarian Association of Physics Students), last year 01.09.2022-04.09.2022 in Münster.
  • German Italian Physics Exchange (GIPE) - Exchange with AISF (Italian Association of Physics Students), we are planning for GIPE 2023 already. 
  • Connecting students around the world 
  • events about 'studying abroad' 
  • representation of the young DPG in the International Association of Physics Students (IAPS) and thr European Physical Society Young Minds (EPS YM) Programme

Members of the working team:

  • Cyrus Walther
  • David Pérez González
  • Florina Schalamon
  • Johannes Wünsche
  • Konstantin Leyde
  • Maurice Rieger
Foto A-Team Treffen 22.jpeg


The work team meets for regular chats to work on common projects. The next chat date is not yet fixed but will be published here in time. 

Foto A-Team Treffen 22 super DPG.jpeg
Foto A-Team Treffen 22 super DPG.jpeg





The DPG is a member of the International Association of Physic Students (IAPS). Thus, all our members can participate in IAPS events. You can find more information on the IAPS website.

EPS Young Minds Programme

The DPG is a member of the EPS Young Minds (EPS YM) programme. You can find more information on the EPS YM website and Facebook page.


If you want to know more or join the working team international, just write a mail:

Contact:Rebecca Hoffmann