Schnappschuss von der Uni Wuppertal. / ©Patricia Tan 2024

Welcome to the jDPG Local Group Wuppertal

We are the local group of the Young DPG in Wuppertal.

Who we are and what we do

The jDPG local group Wuppertal was founded in April of 2023. In cooperation with the student council of the physics department at Uni Wuppertal, we aim to be a contact point for physics students, especially with regards to local and national networking. Our group consists of undergraduate, graduate and PhD students, which enables us to relate to students of all educational levels.

Additionally, we consider prospective students and high schoolers with an interest in physics as part of our audience, to whom we want to offer advice, orientation and perspectives from all over the field of physics.

Come along, join us!

To achieve our goals, we regularly meet as a local group to discuss and organize events and chat about topics including, but not limited to all things physics. An overview of upcoming events can be found in our calendar.

We're always glad to have new faces join us! We usually meet on the first monday of the month, at around 15:00/3PM. We don't have a fixed location yet, but if you would like to come along, feel free to contact us.