Science Pub

The Science Pub takes place monthly during the lecture period at the Constanzer Wirtshaus. Since January 2019, interesting, current research is presented and discussed here in a relaxed and personal atmosphere.

Science should not be confined to lecture halls and laboratories. Therefore, since January 2019, we have been organizing the monthly Science Pub together with the German Young Researchers Network (juFORUM) during the lecture period to bring science into the casual ambience of a pub.

Anyone interested is welcome to drop by and experience science in a casual, relaxed and easy-to-understand way over a cold beer, a glass of wine or other drink. In addition to a scientific talk on exciting topics, there will also be plenty of time for conversation and discussion.

We will meet at the Constanzer Wirtshaus (Spanierstr. 3, 78467 Konstanz). Admission (to consume food etc.) is from 6:30 pm, start at 7:30 pm.


More Information you can find on the Website Science Pub Konstanz.

Next Science Pub:

  • Due to Corona the Science Pup will not continue for the time being. When it is possible again we are looking forward to welcome you back. Until then we wish you best health!

Bisher beim Science Pub:

  • On 03.02.2020 we met with Prof. Dr. Volker Hahn to discuss How the European Central Bank can influence the economy.
  • On 25.11.2019 we met with Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gaissmaier to discuss Imagined truth against evidence - why decisions are usually not based on facts.
  • On 29.10.2019 we met with Prof. Dr. Guido Burkard presenting the toppic Quantum Physics and Quantum technology - Can I buy a quantum computer and why should I?
  • On 24.06.2019 we met with Prof. Dr. Michael Grossniklaus presenting Citius, Altius, Fortius - Database systems as a platform for als plattform for Data Science.
  • On 27.05.2019 we met with Prof. Dr. Malte Drescher presenting Spys, Spins und Spectra - The spectroscopy of complex systems
  • On 29.04.2019 we met with Prof. Dr. Steffen Bogen giving insight on Game spoilers/game developers - reflections on a matrix of game playing.
  • On 29.01.2019 we met with Prof. Dr. Thomas Müller asking the question Might there be artificial agents?