Meet your Prof

Triff deinen Prof auch außerhalb des Hörsaals

Meet Your Prof gives you the chance to talk to one of your professors in a small group and in a relaxed atmosphere about God and the world and, of course, about physics. We meet with up to 10 students and a professor at a location that is not necessarily related to the university. There are always lots of interesting things to hear, from CVs to common practice in the modern research world to funny anecdotes.

The conversation should be as spontaneous and open as possible and also allow students to take a look "behind the scenes". We also hope that there will be a benefit for both sides and that, for example, impulses for excellent teaching will be generated.

Since a Meet Your Prof should focus on the exchange of ideas and experience has shown that such an event quickly turns into a monologue by the professor in larger groups, there is a maximum number of participants of around 10 students. We would also like to encourage participants to think about what they are particularly interested in beforehand.