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Welcome to the Bochum Young DPG regional group

We are the regional group of the DPG (German Physical Society) in Bochum.

Who are we?

We are a group of engaged physics students from different semesters. We organize all kinds of events together, to connect students, to encourage exchange and of course, to get people excited about physics.

Some of the events are organized in cooperation with the student council of our physics faculty. Furthermore, you will find information about the studies as well as the contact addresses of the advisory services on their website.

Why should I study physics?

The physics studies is a diversified course of studies. You will learn how to work scientific, how to solve problems analytical and how the nature is described by physics. What is fascinating here is the broad spectrum that physics covers: from the largest stars in the universe to the smallest particles.

Why in Bochum at the RUB? 

The Ruhr-Universität is characterised by a research-oriented and versatile Bachelor's and Master's programme, which ranges from astronomy and plasma physics to hadron and medicine physics. What is also special is that the focal points are represented both theoretically and experimentally. 

Further information about our University as well as our faculty and its study program are found on the corresponding websites.

What am I supposed to do in the regional group?

As a regional group, our goal is to help you find your way through your studies with our events, what ranges from the choice of your major to the path of your profession. Moreover, you  get to know other people with an affinity for physics and can make contacts. 

If you study physics or are planning to study or if you work in a physics-related industry and you you happen to be from the Ruhr area, then you are cordially invited to get in contact with us. 

We look forward to hearing from you.😁