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At the moment our events only take place online, but as soon as more presence is possible, we will inform you about it here.
We are currently running the following event formats:

Lectures on research projects

  • Past lectures have been about the Pierre-Auger Observatory which is situated in the Argentinian pampas and the IceCube Neutrino Observatory which is located at the South Pole. Frequently, the lectures are aimed at first-semester students and are hold in German. Whether a specific lecture is hold in English or not is written down in the information in the contact form.

Physicist in profession

  • Many physics students are often not sure what to do with their degree. That's why we invite people who have studied physics to this format and talk with them about their path from studies to career as well as their everyday working life, and you are of course welcome to ask questions.

Disclaimer: The events usually take place during lecture period, so please be not surprised if you will not find any announcements outside of the lecture period.😁