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Fall Workshop "Material Metaphysics"

Datum: 18. September 2015, Ort: U Osnabrück

The AGPhil fall workshop 2015, organized by Meinard Kuhlmann, takes place on September 18th at the University of Osnabrück as a satellite workshop to the 9th conference of the German Society for Analytic Philosophy (GAP).

Speakers are Michael Esfeld (Lausanne), Simon Friederich (Groningen), Meinard Kuhlmann (Mainz), Holger Lyre (Magdeburg), Bryan Roberts (London), and Jonathan Schaffer (Rutgers).

The workshop explores metaphysical aspects of our best theories of the material world. In contrast to more conventional philosophy of physics workshops the goal of this workshop is focusing on those issues that have a particularly strong bearing on fundamental metaphysical questions. Moreover, the aim is to do so in a manner that allows a fruitful discussion between philosophers of physics and general metaphysicians. One of the most prominent issues in this workshop concerns the question whether modern physics suggests an ontology in which structures play the fundamental role. Another predominant topic is the question whether there is ultimately just one thing, more than one thing or even a vast multitude of coexisting universes.

Detailed Program
Workshop Venue (room 15/105)

Registration is free, but places are limited. Please contact Christina Baden:

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