Programm im Rahmen der 86. Jahrestagung der DPG 2023 in Dresden


Das Programm der Vorträge und Fachsitzungen finden Sie hier.

AGI 1.1 Fabian Heidrich-Meisner - Programming and Computational Physics Education in the Physics Curriculum at University of Göttingen (PDF)
AGI 1.2 Fabian Fink - Integrating Digitalization and Research Data Management (RDM) into the Curricula of Bachelor and Master Students in Chemistry (PDF)
AGI 1.3 Carsten Burgard - News from PUNCH4NFDI: Education of students (PDF)
AGI 2.1 Ihda Chaerony Siffa - A JSON-Based Metadata Editor for Researchers (PDF)
AGI 2.2 Florian Spreckelsen - Hands-on data management with open-source software CaosDB (PDF)
AGI 2.3 Thomas Weiß - ELN integration into the open-source data management solution CaosDB (PDF)
AGI 2.4 Victoria Tokareva - Open data and open-source tools throughout research data life cycle: KCDC example (PDF)
AGI 2.5 Benedikt Bieringer - Interactive USB measurement device controlling with Python (PDF, code example)