School for Master Students: From Quantum Matter to Quantum Computers

Fascinated by quantum technologies? Wondering if a career in quantum research might be for you? This school will help you find your answer. Get introduced to the fast-moving field of quantum matter, ranging from exotic states of matter to quantum computers. Connect to students and to physicists of all career stages - sharing their passion for quantum research with you.

Tu, 04.10.2022 09:00  –   Fr, 07.10.2022 18:00
MPI for the Physics of Complex Systems
Nöthnitzer Str. 38, D-01187 Dresden

Registration required | Chargeable
Event partner:
MPI for the Physics of Complex Systems
Contact person:
Anna Burger, , +49-351-871-1103
DPG Association:
Working Group "Young DPG" (jDPG)  
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With this school the MPI PKS and the DPG are going new ways. Schools for Ph.D. students are highly popular with strong impact for their research work and career. For the first time we offer a school for master students. The moment seems perfect to make up for the lack of in-person interactions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The topic invites you and all your peers considering a Ph.D. in quantum research to dive deep into the fascinating topics of quantum research beyond your master courses and to experience the broader community of quantum research.

You will:

  • Discover the field of quantum matter by introductory lectures on e.g. quantum simulation and computing, topological states of matter, experimental realizations of quantum materials, numerical and deep learning techniques for quantum systems. Presentations will range from overview talks by world-leading researchers to short talks on recent research by graduate students.
  • Experience the reality of research under the supervision of active scientists: Program quantum computers in an interactive challenge, bring your own laptop for a hands-on coding session on numerical methods for strongly-correlated many-body physics, or discover the manufacturing of quantum materials at a lab tour.
  • Enrich your network by participating in scientific discussions with your peers or with a panel of world-renowned scientists.Talk physics, share ideas, and connect informally with researchers from starting Ph.D. students to the directors of the Max Planck Institutes (PKS and CPfS) on a trip to Saxon Switzerland or over a barbecue.

No previous research experience is required, just a basic knowledge of quantum mechanics and a strong drive to learn more!


  • Quantum Simulation
  • Quantum Matter
  • Topology in Physics
  • Nonequilibrium Physics
  • Machine Learning and Numerical Methods in Quantum Physics

Invited speakers:

Johannes Hauschild (UC Berkeley)
Vedika Khemani* (Stanford University)
Christoph Laumann (Boston University)
Roderich Moessner (MPI-PKS)
Andrew Mackenzie (MPI-CPfS)
Maia Garcia-Vergniory (MPI-CPfS)
..and several more.

Scientific coordinators:

Pieter Claeys (Cambridge University)
Marin Bukov (Sofia University)
Alexander-C. Heinrich (junge DPG)
Roderich Moessner (MPI-PKS)


Anna Burger & Kristin Paske (MPI-PKS Dresden)

We plan for an on-site school. The registration fee is 80 Euro; costs for accommodation, and meals will be covered by the Max Planck Institute. Limited funding is available to partially cover travel expenses.

Applications received before August 1st, 2022 are considered preferentially.