Magnetism: From Fundamentals to Spin based Nanotechnology

Bad Honnef Physics School

Su, 17.09.2017 17:30  –   Fr, 22.09.2017 15:00
Claus M. Schneider, Michael Farle, Uwe Bovensiepen (U Duisburg-Essen)
Physikzentrum Bad Honnef
Hauptstr. 5, 53604 Bad Honnef, Germany

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Victor Gomer,


Bad Honnef Physics School on

Magnetism: From Fundamentals to Spin based Nanotechnology

supported by the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus - Foundation
17 - 22 September, 2017, Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany

Organized by
Claus M. Schneider, Michael Farle, Uwe Bovensiepen (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany)

Nowadays magnetic memory is the backbone of data storage in cloud computing and promises to overcome current limitations of charge based electronics in future spintronic devices. In parallel, new magnetic phenomena like magnetic textures in materials with antisymmetric interactions have become an active field of research. In particular, its quantum nature makes magnetic phenomena very rich, rewarding, but also challenging to understand on the microscopic level. Therefore, magnetism is an excellent topic to link fundamental research with current and future applications. The proposed school covers aspects from fundamentals like exchange interaction, to nanostructures with tailored magnetic properties, magnetization dynamics from quasi-static to the ultrafast regime, spintronic concepts and applications, as well as magnetism in biology, medicine, cooling technology and sensorics. Special emphasis will be put on the didactic skills of the speakers in order to ensure an optimum exchange of knowledge among all participants.
Topics and speakers (partly with abstracts):
• Kick Off, Jairo Sinova (Mainz)
• Fundamentals, Marjana Ležaić (Jülich)
• Measurements, Katharina Ollefs (Duisburg)
• Simulation / Theory, Ulrich Nowak (Konstanz)
• Thin films, Dirk Sander (Halle)
• Nanoparticles, Carolin Schmitz-Antoniak (Jülich)
• Magnetic Textures I, Stefan Bluegel (Jülich)
• Magnetic Textures II, Christian Pfleiderer (München)
• Spin Waves, Philipp Pirro (Kaiserlautern)
• Dynamic Textures, Riccardo Hertel (Straßburg)
• Ultrafast Magnetism, Tobias Kampfrath (Berlin)
• Magnetoresistance, Anna Semisalova (Dresden)
• Spin Torques, Mark Stiles (NIST)
• Advanced Concepts: Antiferromagnetic spintronics, Tomas Jungwirth (Prague)
• Magnetism and Industry, Martin Grönefeld (Magnetfabrik, Bonn)
• Magnetic Materials for Green Energy Technology, Oliver Gutfleisch (Darmstadt)
• Neuromorphics, Julie Grollier (Paris)
• Magnetic Recording, Dieter Weller (Western Digital)
• Magnetic Cooling, Karl Sandeman (New York)
• Magnetism in Life Sciences, Helena Gavilán (Madrid)

• Jairo Sinova (Mainz)
• Marjana Ležaić (Jülich)
• Katharina Ollefs (Duisburg)
• Ulrich Nowak (Konstanz)
• Dirk Sander (Halle)
• Carolin Schmitz-Antoniak (Jülich)
• Stefan Bluegel (Jülich)
• Christian Pfleiderer (München)
• Philipp Pirro (Kaiserlautern)
• Martin Grönefeld (Magnetfabrik, Bonn)
• Riccardo Hertel (Straßburg)
• Tobias Kampfrath (Berlin)
• Anna Semisalova (Dresden)
• Mark Stiles (NIST)
• Tomas Jungwirth (Prague)
• Oliver Gutfleisch (Darmstadt)
• Julie Grollier (Paris)
• Dieter Weller (Western Digital)
• Helena Gavilán (Madrid)

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