Nanophotonics meets Quantum Optics

DPG - Physics School

Su, 19.09.2010 00:00  –   Fr, 24.09.2010 00:00
Arno Rauschenbeutel, Universität Mainz; Vahid Sandoghdar, ETH Zürich
Physikzentrum Bad Honnef
Hauptstr. 5, 53604 Bad Honnef, Germany

Event partner:
Wilhelm and Else Heraeus-Foundation
Contact person:
Victor Gomer,


Nanophotonics meets Quantum Optics

Arno Rauschenbeutel (U Mainz) & Vahid Sandoghdar (ETH Zürich)

The coupling of light and matter in the quantum regime using micro- and nanophotonics components is a highly dynamic and exciting field of research. Possible applications in fundamental science and in technology range from sensing, optical filters, optical switches, and non-linear optics to quantum communication, quantum simulation, and quantum information processing. Some examples of various physical systems that are being explored, both experimentally and theoretically, include cavity quantum electrodynamics (using Fabry-Pérot microresonators, whispering-gallery-mode microresonators, and photonic crystal cavities), strong coupling without cavities (using waveguides, near-fields, and tight focusing), as well as cavity optomechanics.
The objective of the school is to gather world-renowned experts in these fields and to bring them into contact with highly motivated students. The courses are intended for advanced students at the Diplom/M.Sc. level and for PhD students. They will start at an introductory level and lead up to problems of current research. In addition to the lectures, ample time is reserved for informal meetings in order to exchange ideas, to investigate new directions, and to establish cross connections between the various fields and theoretical vistas.

Invited speakers:

Mario Agio (ETH Zürich)
Quantum optics with optical antennas and focused light
Markus Aspelmeyer (U Wien)
Quantum Opto-Mechanics: extending quantum experiments to massive mechanical systems
Oliver Benson (HU Berlin)
Model Systems for Quantum Optical Technology Based on Single Solid-State Single Photon Emitters
József Fortágh (U Tübingen)
Ultracold atoms near carbon nanotubes
Carsten Henkel (U Potsdam)
The quantum vacuum below the diffraction limit
Ed Hinds (Imperial College)
Detecting small numbers of atoms with small optics
Atac Imamoglu (ETH Zürich)
Resonant optical manipulation of quantum dot nuclear spins
Jeff Kimble (Caltech)
Quantum Networks with Single Atoms, Photons, and Phonons
Tobias Kippenberg (MPQ Garching & ETH Lausanne)
Quantum measurements and backaction cooling of micromechanical oscillators
Stefan Kuhr (MPQ Garching)
Imaging single atoms in a strongly correlated quantum system
Gerd Leuchs (MPL Erlangen)
Strong atom photon coupling without a cavity
Marko Lončar (Harvard University)
Nanophotonic devices for optical and quantum optical networks
Mikhail Lukin (Harvard University)
Nanophotonic quantum interfaces for solid-state qubits
Michel Orrit (U Leiden)
Optical detection and spectroscopy of individual nano-objects
Oskar Painter (Caltech)
Optomechanical Crystals and their Quantum Optical Applications
Jakob Reichel (ENS Paris)
Miniaturizing cavity QED with fiber Fabry]Perot cavities
Helmut Ritsch (U Innsbruck)
Laser cooling and optomechanics