Facts and figures

The DPG in facts and figures is updated annually and provides an insight into the structural and demographic structure of the DPG.

The DPG has got 60,133 members (status quo 30 June 2011)

156 members are institutional members (institutes, libraries, schools, companies). The remaining members (99.7%) are personal members, who subdivide in the following way:

30.9% Students
27.0% PhD students, assistents
4.2% Professors
10.0% Industrial physicists
8.2% Physicists working in non-university research (HGF, MPG, FhG, PTB, etc.)
3.6% Teachers and teacher trainees
0.8% Physicists working in the sector of scientific organisation and administration
3.8% Physicists working in other sectors such as self-employed persons
11.8% Members from publicity campaigns

5.9% of the personal members live abroad. The portion of women is 13.7%. The median of the age of the members is 29 years, the average 35 years.