The Situation in Ukraine: Response and Actions of the DPG

The war of aggression of the Russian state against Ukraine has clearly demonstrated how important it is to staunchly defend the values of our free democracies. Although the task of resolving this crisis is a political one, we as scientists also have an important responsibility and role to play. As an organisation, the DPG will do all it can to keep open the bridges that allow the free exchange of scientific knowledge and thought across national and cultural boundaries. We will not let this crisis shake our faith in the power of science to bring people together.

Nonetheless, the actions of the Russian state have forced us to formulate an appropriate response. Until further notice, the DPG will be suspending its cooperation with Russian scientific institutions, including collaborations with scientists who represent Russian institutions, for instance at conferences. All the more, however, we will seek to maintain, strengthen and foster our personal contacts.

We particularly wish to demonstrate our commitment by taking the following actions:

  • Providing support to the Ukrainian Physical Society and to scientific societies in the countries of Central Europe
  • Reactivating our "Physics for Refugees" project
  • Offering Dr. Karl Mey Fellowships to Ukrainians
  • Placing a career/networking exchange service on the DPG website
  • Establishing a donation target

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