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unter anderem mit einem Aufruf zur Nominierung von Kandidatinnen oder Kandidaten für den Lise-Meitner-Preis 2020.




Call for nomination for the Lise Meitner Prize 2020

The board of the Nuclear Physics Division of the European Physical Society calls for nominations for the 2020 edition of the Lise Meitner Prize. The Nuclear Physics Division board awards the prestigious Lise Meitner Prize every other year to one or more individuals who have provided outstanding contributions to experimental, theoretical, or applied nuclear physics. In particular, the board encourages candidatures emphasizing the strength of European Nuclear Science.

Nominations must comprise a completed nomination form, a brief curriculum vitae of the nominee(s), and a list of major publications. Letters of support from renowned personalities of the field, underscoring the relevance of the scientific work of the nominee(s), should also be included. Further details on the call are provided on the Nuclear Physics Division website.

The deadline for the submission of the nominations is January 31th 2020.

The Nuclear Physics Division board will select the recipient(s) of the prize in the spring of 2020, to award the Lise Meitner Prize in the fall of 2020.

Contact: Dr. Rene Reifarth, 2020 Lise Meitner Prize Committee ()


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