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unter anderem mit dem Hinweis, dass Sarah Köster vom Institut für Röntgenphysik der Georg-August-University Göttingen die EPS Emmy Noether Auszeichnung 2019 erhielt und dass die EPS für 2021 einen neuen Präsidenten sucht.

The EPS Emmy Noether Distinction Summer 2019 goes to Sarah Köster

The jury members decided to attribute the Emmy Noether Distinction to Prof. SARAH KOESTER, for her seminal contributions to the physics of biological cells and biopolymers, in particular for the understanding of intermediate filaments, and her impressive ability in teaching and recruiting women scientists in her field of research.

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Call for nominations – EPS president-elect

The Selection Committee is currently accepting suggestions from EPS Member Societies, Associate Members and Individual Members for the position as EPS President-elect. Please note that the individual elected as EPS President-elect will become EPS President in April 2021 for a two-year term of office.

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